let's go home

2022 0422

Oslo practiced his parkours as I chased him around the yard this evening. Run run, jump & cling to tree, climb climb climb, pounce down. He also has a taste for seedlings. Jerk.

2022 0320

Happy vernal equinox! Started seeds today, 2 days after the worm moon. Seems like good timing.

2022 0225

i did a quick search and to my surprise, "antisocial media" is not really a thing. At least not really on its own terms, the top hits on ddg provided me a defunct blog, one media site ("for the discerning misanthrope"), and one attempt at an antisocial media service. otherwise all media pieces on the ills of social media. the term appears lying there, awaiting to get picked up by someone.

looked for some simple html blog templates, but realized this is fine too,

2022 0217

there needs to be new weather terms for the coming years. wet winter? snowmud season? another round of the rain/drastic warmup followed by a crash in the temps and stays well below freezing is in store.

making minor adjustments to the crow-based self generating patch to some interesting results. started with two channels of earthsea holding their notes, a brief attempt at meadowphysics, kria turned out to be interesting. just used some basic patterns, there's potential for more complexity. crow then turns into a basso continuo-type figure.

2022 0209

mini component systems are dead. sad thing, they were everywhere growing up, the holy trinity of tape, cd and am/fm tuner. Only could find things on ebay, and the damn thing ate 2 CDs of mine!


2022 0208

Hello happy net box! a diary into the void. the snow is deep now, even a day hovering around freezing only wet things up instead of exposing wood and stone. the upcoming year is one of the water tiger. a tempered tiger? loves everything new and unknown? we shall see. set up a nice self-generating patch on the modular this afternoon, an accompaniment to a webinar of how to use the new online tps reports. currently backing up the phone to give it a clean wipe and replacement with calyxos. k liked the cyberdeck.